Interpreting Segregation-Era African American Schools

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From the 1950s though 1970, Georgia built what were called “Equalization Schools” across the state. The schools, intended for African American children, were a reaction to the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown vs. Board of Education. They were intended to demonstrate that “separate but equal” school systems could in fact be operationalized. Willow Hill, located in Bulloch County, was one such school. Willow Hill was preserved and repurposed by a group of Willow Hill descendants who bought the property at auction. The school was the recipient of a grant from the GNRF that led to extensive historical research and the installation of a historic marker by the Georgia Historical Society. Through this partnership, which includes Georgia State University and the Georgia Humanities Council, the school, now the Willow Hill Heritage and Renaissance Center, is once again a living part of the local community.

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