A DNR Oral History

Project Description: 

DNR has a unique culture. Part of that culture is due to the agency’s broad responsibilities. There is virtually no aspect of both the natural and built environments—from the water that comes out of citizen’s faucets, to Georgia’s wonderful natural and historical resources, to enforcement of conservation laws—that DNR doesn’t touch. The DNR culture is also formed as a result of the people the agency attracts. DNR employees, by and large, are in the agency because they want to make the world better for future Georgians. For over four decades, the people that make up DNR have played a critical role in Georgia’s stewardship of her natural and cultural resources. However, the individuals, events, and social trends that shaped the agency and its policies have never been adequately documented—for the public, state policymakers, or future employees. The DNR oral history project captures the challenges, achievements, and character that make DNR such a dynamic agency.

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Dave Crass at 770-389-7844 | david.crass@dnr.ga.gov